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Pool Installation and Maintenance Contractors Serving Santa Barbara, CA

Cicileo Pools and Maintenance is your number one choice in Santa Barbara for any residential or commercial pool need. Our technicians are native to the area, so we are well versed with the climate and how best to provide efficient and proper pool care in southern California.

We strive to be the best pool builder and pool maintenance company in Santa Barbara. Not only do we provide top quality services and professional expertise, but we also offer free, no-obligation quotes with upfront pricing on all residential and commercial pool services.

If you are looking for pool installation or pool maintenance in Santa Barbara, CA, give us a call at 805-301-1717  We would be happy to provide you with a hassle-free estimate. Should you have a need that isn’t listed here, let us know!

Our Pool Services in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Spa & Pool Construction

Indulge in luxurious tranquility with Cicileo Pools, the foremost Santa Barbara spa and pool contractor devoted to crafting bespoke aquatic sanctuaries. Our esteemed team brings sophistication and expertise to every project, weaving elegance and functionality into each design. From stunning infinity pools overlooking panoramic vistas to serene spa retreats nestled within lush landscapes, Cicileo Pools transforms your vision into breathtaking reality. Elevate your Santa Barbara living experience with our meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unparalleled dedication to creating aquatic masterpieces that redefine luxury and relaxation. Discover the pinnacle of sophistication with Cicileo Pools, where every pool and spa reflects unparalleled artistry and a commitment to turning your dreams into an opulent reality.

Residential Pool Services in Santa Barbara

Immerse yourself in worry-free pool ownership with Cicileo Pools, Santa Barbara’s premier pool maintenance contractor dedicated to preserving the pristine allure of your aquatic haven. Our experienced team specializes in comprehensive maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of Santa Barbara homeowners. From meticulous cleaning and precise chemical balancing to thorough equipment inspections, our meticulous care ensures your pool remains a sparkling oasis year-round. Trust Cicileo Pools to handle every aspect of your pool’s maintenance with expertise and dedication, allowing you to relish the pleasures of a flawlessly maintained pool while embracing the unparalleled beauty of Santa Barbara’s coastal lifestyle. With our commitment to excellence, your pool is in capable hands, ensuring a serene and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.

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commercial pool maintenance

Santa Barbara Commercial Pool Services

Hiring Cicileo Pools, a commercial pool maintenance contractor in Santa Barbara, offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and public facilities. Our specialized expertise ensures meticulous care and maintenance, preserving the pristine condition and functionality of your commercial pool. With a tailored approach, our skilled team conducts regular cleaning, precise chemical balancing, and comprehensive equipment inspections, adhering to the highest industry standards. By entrusting Cicileo Pools with your pool maintenance needs, you guarantee a safe, clean, and inviting aquatic environment for your guests. Experience peace of mind knowing that our dedicated professionals handle all aspects of maintenance, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional experiences while maintaining the allure of your Santa Barbara establishment.

Water Feature Design Build in Santa Barbara

Bringing the expertise of Cicileo Pools, a leading water feature design build contractor in Santa Barbara, to your project offers an array of unparalleled advantages. Our specialized team blends creativity and precision, crafting captivating water features that transform your outdoor space into a mesmerizing sanctuary. By entrusting us with your vision, you’ll experience personalized designs tailored to harmonize with Santa Barbara’s coastal charm. From serene ponds and elegant fountains to intricate waterfalls and custom-designed pools, each creation reflects meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. With Cicileo Pools, you access a realm where creativity converges with expertise, ensuring that your outdoor area becomes a timeless showcase of luxurious aquatic design, adding beauty, tranquility, and unmatched elegance to your Santa Barbara home.


Living in Santa Barbara, CA

Living in Santa Barbara offers a unique blend of coastal beauty, cultural richness, and a laid-back yet vibrant lifestyle. Nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara captivates residents and visitors alike with its breathtaking scenery, Mediterranean climate, and diverse amenities. The city boasts stunning beaches like East Beach and Leadbetter Beach, perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and leisurely strolls along the shore. Santa Barbara’s charming downtown, with its Spanish architecture and red-tiled roofs, offers an array of boutique shops, art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and lively entertainment venues. The city’s rich cultural scene includes the historic Santa Barbara Mission, museums, and frequent art festivals, reflecting its deep heritage and artistic spirit. With a strong focus on outdoor activities, from hiking in the nearby mountains to enjoying local parks and gardens, Santa Barbara celebrates a relaxed yet active lifestyle. The blend of natural beauty, cultural offerings, and a welcoming community spirit makes Santa Barbara an idyllic place to call home.

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